faith yields hope and healing
or I’d be dancing on the ceiling
faith grows from respect for all
that I have closely investigated

I try to respect each aspect
as faith will arise from analysis
that deepens and endows me
to access infinite possibilities

for I am never alone
merely a thread woven
in this vast tapestry
in which we are all entangled

with each other and every thing
related and interdependent
yet I try to step back
when drama unfolds

no need to react or take sides
make space to understand

then respond more skilfully
as everything has a ripple effect

faith in ourselves and each other
faith that I can cope with life
faith that all things will pass
faith that good will conquer evil

respect for one another
for our life and environment
respect that we do our best
and connect with humanity!


  1. I have less and less faith in the fact that good overcomes evil. Technology goes forward, but man does not change much. It is a pity that people do not get better.

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  2. Entwined…this one made me smile! 🙂
    All of this is so important and needs to be woven into the fabric of our lives.
    And, yes, people need to weave together, too, to make a strong team, to conquer the problems we all face.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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      • well, faith is the flip side of reason, it has no rational justification, not that people with faith care. it is this disinterest in reason that makes refutations, reproaches and arguments redundant.


        • you are talking about blind religious faith … that’s what I’m asking people to check!

          You have faith that a chair will hold your weight every time you sit down. You have faith that your boss will pay you if you work … faith comes into play in many ways in our life. Not just with religion!

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              • in my opinion, pay for work is not faith since there is an inescapable rational justification, you work and get paid. The chair one is faith, if you have never tried it before. If someone for instance tells you that the chair wont hold your weight and you dont bother to justify why it would, that is faith. As soon as you engage with reasoning about material used, structure ..it stops being faith. For some people who see the pay for work as pure faith, the same logic works as in the chair case. Hope I am not being incoherent 🙂


              • haha..thought so. Let me try again, for I am a blogger 😀
                My contention is as simple as that if you dont indulge in reason for something you are certain of, it is faith. As soon as you start justifying, refuting, arguing it ceases to be faith.

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              • are then we are definitely coming from opposite directions. I believe that if you don’t check, refute, reason it is BLIND faith … REAL faith should be based on reason, logic, etc.

                Not saying that our reasoning would or should be the same, but that we need it solid in our own thinking

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              • ‘are then we are definitely coming from opposite directions’ clearly 🙂 and I dont have faith in my contention, my kind of faith that is, therefore I indulge in proofs and arguments.


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