our journey

Train travel so slow weaving its way

in and out of remote rural towns

lush Australian bushland, beef farms,

dotted with caravans, last resort housing!


old carriages offer the basic facilities

food and snacks at a reasonable price

less luggage restrictions than cheap flights

easy ride to pass time in our country side


low income passengers not rushing anywhere

strike up conversation to pass the time

friendly chatter, some on their phone

hours of life evaporate ….


some areas lush green others a thirsty brown

farms, bush and towns languish, time on hand

nothing of significance now elections have passed

routine votes cast as too hard to decipher any


real difference between the dominant parties

returned a dissatisfactory government coz

the others were no better, better the devil

you know than that other fellow


less sensory distractions than the big smoke

know each other and spread idle gossip

if life seems similar, what you gonna do

to spice it up, challenge yourself?


for tedium breeds mischief and harmful

emotions lurk just below the surface

always waiting to attack. Find purpose

and meaning, make use of all you got!



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