abuse of power

told we live in a democracy

yet the red’s man is a dictator

makes and breaks laws as he wishes


trashing all respect for his position

and a country that was number one

rockets us back to the dark ages


sleeps with the perceived ‘enemy’

while ignoring his allies

introduces laws that make zero sense


throws childish tantrums

when he can’t get his own way

we all pay for that in too many ways


yet nobody challenges him

who gave him ultimate power

why is he not accountable …




  1. Absolutely said it right Kate. Now nobody cares for what’s happening in their land. I have been always telling that the world is going to be won on power basis. If you have power , you can do anything you want to do ..nobody will go against you ..if you think of going against those superior ..you will be wiped out from your own land completely..may be from this world as well . Nobody knows .. why the world is silent now.

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    • exactly my question Sameer … how do we let this happen and then the sheeple vote them in to do even more damage … seems like we are all completely insane 😦


      • True Kate ..did you see the recent election results in India ? A party which hadn’t done anything for this countries people in 5 years .the promises they made ..giving employment to 2 crores people , waving farmer’s loan , no stablity on GST . Only thing they did to gain votes on soldiers name (pulwama attack ) ..and look ..they got succeeded in it. What actually has happened to the people of my country. I’m really worried and afraid of what would happen ahead. All I know is that we are going towards backwardness.

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        • Sameer it’s in many countries … Philippines, USA, Australia we are all having similar problems … if it’s that endemic what is the lesson for us, what is happening in this crazy world where people reelect those who’ve done harm???


          • You know what I think is… Social media is the biggest weapon to bring those monsters in government again .if there’s uproar, screaming, killing , racism everywhere ..it’s because of social Media. Whether the govt should ban on some platform like what’s app , Facebook or similar to those which can be used spreading hate among the people or must put some restrictions on them.


  2. With multiple investigations closing in on him, he is coming unglued and, like a cornered rat, is lashing out in desperation against those who would expose everything he is trying to hide….while his cowardly enablers look the other way.

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