Mary Francis artwork for dVerse, Sarah asked us to write a ekphrastic poem

we all have various values, beliefs and faiths

all are right if they enable hope and health


but some may undermine or merely preach

please don’t get lost in their fanciful speech


discern if words and actions match

for discrepancies are difficult to catch


awareness of these help us to grow

for we become exactly what we sow


a limitless well of love is in our heart

with infinite possibilities for a start


contemplate, check to see if this resonates

don’t let harmful emotions dominate


direct energy to wondrous things

empowers our hearts to truly sing


check rules and rituals for authenticity

we each know what’s right, its simplicity


when things become too complicated

it’s a warning alarm, don’t be placated


why meander through life oblivious

make decisions that are not insidious


morals must be our own

allow flow, get in the zone


ensure your beleafs are natural

not forced, inherited or collateral …



  1. I get you here, I feel many of the faiths and churches and doctrines used in modern society are intended to create power from fear or are based on human politics. A true belief needs to touch heart and soul.

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  2. Beleaf – funny, I thought it was going to be another environmental one, but it was another deep and meaningful one about values, especially honesty and respect. You are calm, Kate. Also clever and eloquent.

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