Mary Francis artwork for dVerse, Sarah asked us to write a ekphrastic poem

Quantum physics is way beyond me
it’s discovered entanglement I see

but wait ancient mystics tapped into
entanglement knowing it had power

to heal; group connections, support
interwoven with each other to comfort

group prayers for mutual empowerment
connection to create our own endowment

as social creatures we need one another
immediate family too insular, may smother

similar minded groups with task goals
rely on joint effort with various roles

to compliment encourage and heal
share resources, energise with zeal

blogging is a warm community
we share and support with unity

we reach out on the world wide web
boosting entanglement we’re well ahead

when darkness looms or troubles visit
utilize your own entanglement wizard

for advice, input or sincere prayers
for no one is alone, share your cares

acknowledge one another’s strengths
source those who will go to apt lengths

to compliment nurture heal and laugh
not out of pity but with genuine empathy

we can spread the love, heal each other
use our talents and tools for one another

don’t be shy, lost or wantonly abused
use this network, don’t be confused

share with those who truly care
open your heart to heal if you dare!