we can all have inner wealth
it impacts directly on health

we might struggle with life
sometimes get into strife

but we have a limitless well
of love deep inside, do tell

when we go with the flow
let all unfold, richness will grow

dVerse Kim asked us to write a poem of exactly 44 words,
including the word rich.  


  1. I know some people very close to my heart with this inner strength struggling all their lives for their right. And I am hopeful at one day they will for sure get their share of happiness.

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  2. I like this much better for it rhymes.
    When we live reality
    In touch with inner beauty
    Instead of all the pain
    Focus on the gain
    Know we’re always okay
    We’ll be able to say
    Continue on just today
    For peace can always stay
    (somehow it’s way easier to rhyme when not trying to do it for anything)

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