time’s up

as life comes to a close

we usually die as we lived

same manner and attitudes


prepared for what comes next

how would others view you

made all the arrangements


  1. I have a relative who donated his body to science… then when done, the remains turned to ash.
    I read so much of the need of organ donation – I have that checked on my ID to do so. That’s the only ‘plan’ so far… I guess one needs to make sure via paper work that wishes are known.

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  2. I plan on jumping off a cliff when I am diagnosed with dementia and can’t do what I love anymore. I think I’d feel free as I fell, like a bird, one with nature in her arms. Then I’ll be shark food, which is better than being worm food. I say this because I’ve had many head injuries and inflammation. MCI I can stand, but not losing myself and becoming a zombie.

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  3. Important topic! Thank you for sharing this, Kate!
    As you know, since I blogged about it…I have my plans completed and paid for. My kids didn’t really want to talk about my death…but they appreciated me letting them know that my plans were made, because they want to carry them out for me when the time comes. They know I want a celebration of life! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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