I’m caught in an event

where it looks like I don’t pay a cent

when in fact I pay fortnightly rent

with absolutely no trace where it went
six weeks now water is absent

carting it down a steep ascent

just needing to vent

don’t want to sound insolent


but rainfall is not making a dent

in the large tank where it’s sent

is this just me being indolent

for all the money I’ve spent


is this really meant

are my landlords bent

avoiding any incumbent

seriously should I repent

this is totally tongue in cheek 
will be visiting Mum for a week
let’s see if on return it’s so bleak


  1. I suppose we could all complain about services we pay for and have a great or minor lapse in.
    Just this week twice for about and hour each my internet service was down. While there may come a time when such power isn’t available… the providing companies should rebate us when they are down. But somehow I just don’t think that is going to happen.

    Hope you get your water soon. Have a safe and wonderful visit.

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    • we had a main internet provider here crash frequently so they would give a complete day free now and then as repayment. My trouble was I prefer to have access as I need so I swapped

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  2. (((((((hugs))))))))
    I can’t imagine how tough it is to be living without the facilities you need…. I hope this week will be a break, restful and relaxing, and that you want to be back next (or have clarity either way)
    Love, light and glitter
    You’re awesome Kate
    Happy weekend!


  3. This needs to be sorted out asap.
    It’s not about “to vent”, it’s your right Kate and I mean it as you are not holidaying.
    Talk to your landlord, they might have to think about other necessary arrangements.

    But you write so well. Your word power amased me.

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  4. I can not even begin to imagine how hard it is to live w/out needed facilities. I will be praying. Also praying about your visit as it doesn’t sound like you believe you will have an enjoyable time…I’m sorry about that. Hugs and prayers

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  5. Life’s not much fun without water, Kate. I hope you get the situation sorted soon. Enjoy the break at your mum’s. Perhaps there’ll be thinking time too.


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