“My religion is simple. My religion is kindness” the Dalai Lama

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Kindness is second nature to some but most of us need
to mindfully develop this precious asset!

If we could only be kinder to ourselves and each other imagine how much better our world would be. Nastiness would decrease radically ensuring that we all feel so much more secure and safe. We mellow and become more gentle, wiser and happier. Often it’s easier to be kinder to others than to ourselves, why is that? Kindness is a trait that we genuinely admire in others so let’s work on increasing our own.

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Kindness is selfish as it gives us a warm fuzzy feeling
and allows appreciation to bloom.



“Patience is water to douse the fiery blaze of anger” an Indian Master

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Patience is difficult to develop so we need to apply persistent effort
as it is the antidote of anger and hatred.

Patience is easier said than done, it’s the antidote to all that fuels so much nastiness in our world. Why blame others when we haven’t yet mastered the art of patience over our own reactions? It will slow those hasty reactions that we regret later. Breathe deeply or walk away until we can give a more calm measured response. Such skilful interaction avoids dis ease and increases our self worth!

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Patience calms and frees us as we respond more skilfully


“Respect can cure all our doubts and insecurities”

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the moon of respect lighting our world 

Respect is vital in our troubled and confused world,
it’s the common ground for love to grow!

Respect breeds tolerance, open honesty and genuine care for one another. It is the antidote to envy so when others succeed we can rejoice with them. Take pride in their achievements instead of resenting that they have gained something we sought. Each time jealousy or envy arises is an opportunity to make respect habitual. Self-respect ensures that we make wiser choices. Let go of those harmful emotions, be more positive and spread the love.

Insecurities and suspicions flee as respect enables more joyful connections.


These three lay a solid foundation for how we should treat ourselves and each other. Thus increasing our tolerance, well being and self worth enabling worthy connections and contributions as we grow exponentially.

Passion, Peace and Purpose – first in the series