in my element

Trees and forests speak to me
a strong connection I do see
natural flexible and free
planting more a vital key!

I’m known to spew flames and fire
when injustice irks it’s dire
tried to ignite a funeral pyre
had no success in my mire …

A friendly dragon lives nearby
now and then we do fly
chasing dreams across the sky
leaving no regrets when we die!

We’re made of elements in sum
when in balance we are plumb
out of kilter all seems numb
glad to march to our own drum!

dVerse – Amaya’s prompt is our Asian horoscope, mine is the wood dragon

creek that leads to the waterfall where my dragon lives
it often vanishes underground and is too shallow to be useful


  1. As humans, we all have a strong connection to the forest and trees and realistically to all of nature around us. The thing that nurtures our soul and connects us to the creator(however one wants to define that), we rape, burn down, cut down, build upon.

    And we wonder why we have such feelings of discontentment and disconnectedness within our lives.

    “Trees and forests speak to me
    a strong connection I do see……”

    Yup – sorts of sums it up!

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      • So true. There is hardly a place in anywhere in the wilderness that Lynn and I have been, that we haven’t found garbage left behind by others. Putting aside the wealth of knowledge indigenous elders have about the land, there is a wealth of emerging science and data connecting our own well-being of spending time in nature in reducing physical aliments through to reducing and improving mental health and emotional issues.

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  2. They speak to me, too! I feel that connection! 🙂
    YAY for your dragon! 🐉🐲 🐉 🐲 🐉
    Your poem is imaginative, magical, joyful, and truth! We must keep plum and march to our drum!
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…the photo is makes me sigh…a good sigh. 🙂

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