Ageing Disgracefully

Ageism is rife here, anyone over fifty can’t get employment. Considered over the hill, senile and well past their use by date!

Milly played on that, on being the poor old lady. She would speak forthrightly and con many into doing various tasks for her. If they were foolish she wouldn’t fight it, easier to go with the flow and make it work for her.

Although physically declining her grey matter was sharp as a tack. She attended several Church services, any who would provide a lift to and from as she found those Christians ripe for a con!

Carrot Ranch Challenge, May 9, 2019, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about growing older. It can be humorous, dark or poignant. It can be true or total fiction.


  1. Love this post and it’s so true… I find myself in her category and can totally relate !! Even though discrimination is against the law it does happen unfortunately in employment! I think I need to take on her perception Lol….

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  2. Kate, your story makes me think of the sentiment usually regarded toward smart bored teens. I wonder, is the con a survival mechanism in a world that won’t hire over a certain age. Is she too smart, too bored for her age and putting her talents to work among those who won’t hire her?

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  3. Great story, Kate…touching on several interesting and important things!
    Ageism sucks! 😦
    Conning people sucks! 😦
    But…I think Milly might just be amusing herself. 😉
    And…those people she thinks she’s conning….they might be on to her and are just being nice. 😉
    I’m trying to grow well-seasoned gracefully. 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…”It’s not a question of how old you are, but a question of how you are old.” Jules Renard

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    • I think you’ve nailed Milly and her cons … so true, a game they are all aware of but there is no real cost either side … so she gets company, rides and morning tea 🙂

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