myth or magination

I’ve gazed at this rainforest hill off and on since arrival. The variation of greens and wondrous shapes a stark contrast to the flat coastal blue. But several times have felt that I was being watched, certain I’d glimpsed something above that looked like green scales to me but now questioning my sanity.

Asked my landlady who immediately dismissed it …

“that’s the local farmer, ex-RAAF guy who teaches flying. One of his planes is emerald green, the other white.”

 Seems she must be right. But late one mild afternoon I clearly saw gently undulating movement. And there in front of me was a medium sized dragon, my neighbour!

He tossed his head

and I thought he said

“climb on board and we’ll see”

so why not, I profess to be free!

I slid up his neck as he lowered his head. Holding on he certainly felt real. Then we climbed gradually winding inland, we flew over Brian’s near Grafton. There he was out photographing birds splashing about in the bath. Turned south and spotted Miriam’s gardening in her lively backyard. Sadly Ivor was visiting USA. Banked steeply then in a blink we glided to a halt at Paul and Lyn’s in WA!

mythical - 1 (2)

After a few lively rounds of scrabble and a pleasant supper twas time to head back to tiny. Time and distance are non-existent when in the company of cute dragons.

Won’t share this adventure with too many but some bloggers definitely know that I’m not fabricating. Can’t wait for our next adventure, he’ll come when the time is right. And maybe we will venture further afield to visit some of you across the ocean blue!

Friday Fun – Mythical 9.5.19
inspired by banter with ESP
sketch by Muntazir


      • I have my lovely ice dragon that I did a few years ago (one of my favorites). That reminds me I have a dragon sea horse I started last year and haven’t yet finished. I have a bad habit of starting a project, getting a new idea, and just jumping around from one project to another like a magical creative dance. 😉 Lol

        I also of course have mermaids and unicorns. …and so many magestic creatures I’ve made up along the way! 😉 ❤

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  1. Wow, if this was real just think about the trafic jam in the air 😀 😀 😀
    I have seen people using drone camera and I am not happy with it when they are near private properties.

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