Right wing extremists and other fanatics

are making life more unpredictable

we feel insecure and often threatened


Yet real respect for each other

no matter our race, religion or age

makes us a mature responsible sage


To build that bridge of trust and care

embrace diversity to be fair

it will resolve world issues if we dare


Of ignorance and bigotry we must beware

for hate and killing are totally unfair

our love and acceptance should not be rare


For without these we feed the pain

which will deeply stain making all inane

don’t let love wane give it energy to reign


Explore and ask questions to explain

what to others may seem mundane

familiarity makes everything more sane


Don’t look to blame

it will only bring shame

it’s our own biases we must tame!


How can we have world peace if people don’t understand one another!


    • not only the next day Ultra, it was an omen for the rest of the week … after loads of rain it’s a real blessing, well spotted thanks 🙂


  1. Too many are like sheep, blindly following their opinionated leaders.
    One must open their eyes to all possibilities and offer respect to differences.
    Too many Civil wars have pitted family against family because of real or misinterpreted slights.
    And then Civil wars blossom into uncivil warring… and then no one wins anything at all.

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