What the Media is NOT Saying!

Research shows university foreign

student numbers are up 92%!


Their fees boost finances


so universities have lowered the required

English language standard causing …


failure, plagiarism and inability to communicate


But the media is NOT mentioning

It’s the easy way to BUY residency here!


De at dVerse has asked us to cook us up a poem of exactly 44 words

Sorry maybe the 44 words doesn’t tell enough unless you click on the actual article referred to 
Universities – revenue raising by lowering standards to admit foreign students who pay very high fees
Professors – are gravely concerned that the decline in standards will affect reputations
Students – claim an Australian degree is preferable but usually take up permanent residency and bring their families out … often ending up as taxi drivers or in hospitality …
Fixed Quota – Australia has a fixed annual quota for foreigner visas, students come in the backdoor which then excludes migrants and refugees who have been waiting years!


  1. It cost my daughter-in-law $45,000 a year as a foreign student for an undergraduate degree, so way over the normal cost of a degree (at that time almost double). She was limited in the hours she was permitted to work, which made it difficult because the hours guranteed foreign students wouldn’t be able afford to live on much, and needed to band with several others to aford rent in poor conditions. The university did provide GP and dental access at a lower rate but with no cover it was way beyond what we pay. The foreign students i have worked with and continue to know have done it tough because the govt has been greedy and has forced the Universities into thie kind of survival marketing. Horrible.

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    • oh I have no doubt that they are squeezing every drop of blood possible from them … but I know some of those migrants, refugees and torture victims who may never get here …

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      • True, but the govt is now addicted to teh income – last financial year it was worth around 20 billion in the last four years and growing, so we know they won’t change, they’re hooked like junkies sadly 😦

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        • and some nationalities are better at spreading the word about this back door whilst others stress waiting on the list paying huge fees each two years to renew their application … abusive revenue raising 😦


          • But in my experience both are abusive and even doubly so, it’s purely about revenue and that’s galling for me on every level. It would be intesting to know the perecentage of succesful applications by foreign students for permanency I do know that the data says that last year there were just under 700,000 enrolments generated which included secondary, VET, and tertiary. And my guess is it would be only a small percentage of appilcants for residency would get through, most of those I mediate for in the application process take over three years and then it is conditional for another period of time, if they are indeed successful.

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              • I can only speak of the ones I know and work with here. The gross enrolments were 700, 000, where the mean immigration was 1,000,000 and the intake of refugees sits at around 24,000 as a fixed agreement (which for me is a point of contention with govt), so the student to resident figure as a percentsage would be quite low. But the biggest issue is that both the govt and the universities legally advertise that this is indeed a potential pathway to residency. Go figure.

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              • Or at least redevelop the idea and make it more transparent and part of a process that includes all cartegories on one level at least. I’m a little cautious around this because Hanson has made this one of her big issues with exactly this argument, so I’m being very careful not to get aligned with her stuff.

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    • I think so but makes me wonder why the media never EVER comment about that fixed quota … they whip us into a fury of anger against boat people jumping the queue, justification for goaling them inhumane conditions! Yet the backdoor student or work visas are barely, student never mentioned … ugly!


  2. What I thought of immediately is similar to what Bjorn R said.

    Related to so many things in our world today, I don’t know why everything has to be about $$$ and the top of chain getting richer and the people (usually women and/or children) on the bottom of the chain not getting treated fairly. 😦

    Important subject, Kate, and the poem you cooked up handles it so well!

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  3. This bad practice is not only in Australia even heard about UK.
    Many universities have started new courses which either do not have entrance or no exam at the end. Students are required to write essays, which in fancy are called as research papers. One can understand the quality of the course and the result.
    It’s wrong in every sense, the education quality is going down and cheap labours are provided in leagal way.

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  4. This is so true kate..as i have heard stories from friends of friends back home who did really applied student visa there and ended up later working and bringing their families..i personally knew of some who are now in Australia on a student visa and eventually worked….for some they apply 6 months courses and while studying they apply for jobs and when they get hired they get another type of visa ..i think the one thing the government should to is to stop hiring foreigners on a student visa..

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