Research shows university foreign

student numbers are up 92%!


Their fees boost finances


so universities have lowered the required

English language standard causing …


failure, plagiarism and inability to communicate


But the media is NOT mentioning

It’s the easy way to BUY residency here!


De at dVerse has asked us to cook us up a poem of exactly 44 words

Sorry maybe the 44 words doesn’t tell enough unless you click on the actual article referred to 
Universities – revenue raising by lowering standards to admit foreign students who pay very high fees
Professors – are gravely concerned that the decline in standards will affect reputations
Students – claim an Australian degree is preferable but usually take up permanent residency and bring their families out … often ending up as taxi drivers or in hospitality …
Fixed Quota – Australia has a fixed annual quota for foreigner visas, students come in the backdoor which then excludes migrants and refugees who have been waiting years!