Was born with anger

lose it at blatant injustices

drove far too fast

How could I contain this anger?


Ok so I knew patience was a virtue

resolved to stop after each outburst

but it ran deep and was undermining

people moved away , it’s blinding!


Anger would fester and then I blew

nobody deserves that corrosive eruption

Finally heard about the antidote

patience is a trait I must nurture


Need it by the truckload and now

find my own methods somehow

count to ten, leave the room

write it out, let real love bloom


Meditation and retreat seemed neat

maybe with those I could defeat

this ugly alienating monster, so destructive,

soul destroying, make it more constructive


For anger will only destroy me

from every vestige I must flee

it napalms those who might be

my friends, supports who are key


Patience will maintain all I value

keep me calm as I review

more skilful responses to ensue

Life can become a brighter hue!


  1. Teen angst is very real, when circumstances are beyond any kind of control. If an adult allows anger to fester… there can be dangerous eruptions. Once one understands they are not the cause of the fault, but can be in control of how they deal with any situation, a better person can evolve. It is not an easy lesson. Especially when there just are not enough answers. Sometimes when we search for answers we must be content with the fact that there isn’t a clear cut resolution.

    I have seen anger in young children too. They copy the adults around them – I once saw a five year old threaten his mother in a public place saying; Do what I want or I’ll tell Daddy on you. That child might have grown into the same monster as his father.

    May we find all the calming techniques we can to help heal ourselves and even the world. Unfortunately the masses seem to thrive on negative news as entertainment. We need to start with ourselves and move forward one step at a time.

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  2. There is certainly much to be angry about, but you’re right, anger won’t get us anywhere. Patience, communication, changing without attacking….those are the things that move us forward as a society. And they are a good channel for the angry energy we have!

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  3. I was more calm back when i was younger…and i noticed that as i age i get irritated easily and got so annoyed.i am not sure of its hormones or what…but what helps me stay calm is really the fact that i am not a confrontational type of person…..but…my blood goes boiling if i see injusttice done to the young children and the elderly .example when an old lady is being cut off in a line by a younger one…i really get annoyed and i dont let it just pass by..i call out his attention…

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  4. I do flip out sometimes, to be honest, but mostly I keep the inner monster tamed up for my own betterment.
    Sealing up my lips is the key for me because words hurts the most than action.

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  5. I think sitting by that water in your photo should help most people dial down the anger and increase the patience! 😉 🙂
    Such important truth AND advice, Kate, and you’ve shared it beautifully poetically! 🙂 Thank you!!! 🙂
    Anger is not an emotion I feel very often and when I do it’s only because someone (or some people-group) is being treated unfairly or abused, etc. A friend who observed me standing up for someone said I went from a golden retriever to lion in about 2 seconds. Ha! 😀
    PS…I should tell you a funny patience-story some time…my comment for now is t-o-o long, so I’ll wait.

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    • lol am so looking forward to that Carolyn … injustice makes my mercury rise too! Am building up to a more detailed post on the topic but as it’s not my strength I have more research to do 🙂

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  6. Well, I used to have a problem with anger. It kept me from thinking, and its power is addictive. BB couldn’t handle “Icon for Hire,” so he decided to hunt me with the others, and I liked getting mad and crying, too. I used to go to the swimming pool and scream under water. Then a bunch of kids started doing it out of innocence. I ended up with a free lobotomy. I forgot for a moment that.I have no control of my body, my voice, my thoughts, my beliefs. I have no human rights. I am helpless, and they know it.

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    • lol mellowing or exhausted yourself … we can work on the antidote and more skilful methods … mine still has a long way to go but has improved massively 🙂


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