Was born with anger

lose it at blatant injustices

drove far too fast

How could I contain this anger?


Ok so I knew patience was a virtue

resolved to stop after each outburst

but it ran deep and was undermining

people moved away , it’s blinding!


Anger would fester and then I blew

nobody deserves that corrosive eruption

Finally heard about the antidote

patience is a trait I must nurture


Need it by the truckload and now

find my own methods somehow

count to ten, leave the room

write it out, let real love bloom


Meditation and retreat seemed neat

maybe with those I could defeat

this ugly alienating monster, so destructive,

soul destroying, make it more constructive


For anger will only destroy me

from every vestige I must flee

it napalms those who might be

my friends, supports who are key


Patience will maintain all I value

keep me calm as I review

more skilful responses to ensue

Life can become a brighter hue!