Claire’s Sisu

Claire a vivacious 32 year old roamed the world sorting out ‘awkward’ situations for a billionaire for over a decade. Confronted with aggressive breast cancer her imminent demise was her greatest challenge.

Resilience is our inner strength, our ability to deal with overwhelming even impossible challenges. It has a strong spiritual component supplemented by mental and emotional factors. Most don’t realise they have it until they are truly tested.

Claire had to dig deep and with the right support her sisu kicked in empowering her until the brain tumour took over. She died with dignity, love and real peace.


Carrot Ranch Challenge, May 2, 2019, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about sisu. It’s a Finnish concept of enduring strength, the ability to consistently overcome. Think long-term. Go where the prompt leads!


  1. Very touching Kate! I totally agree, resilliance is within all of us, but too often we don’t know it’s presence or strength until a truly difficult life situation puts us to the test to see what we’re “made of.”

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  2. A new word for me Kate, thank you for enlightening me. I am reading a book based on stoic philosophy, “The Obstacle is the way” and it is very empowering & insightful like your post!

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  3. I know what it means to fight cancer. I’ve been fighting this disease for five years. I understand pain and suffering.

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