Cruising out the back of beyond I spied

a mob of brahmans they caught me by surprise

‘a bit far from home in India’ was my thought


Quite out of context in such a rural setting

but their purpose became evident when locals

boasted that this was the beef capital of Australia


No not the Hindu vedic kind, no thread or caste

four legged imports purely for breeding purposes

to enhance our meat production, horrific to me


Killing fields as the abattoir is their main industry

other agricultural businesses but mostly meat based.

Could a veggo like me be accepted in this outlandish place?


  1. First of all, I thought you took this image in India or Nepal.
    Next, you mean these cows are breeded in Australia for meat?
    and “a mob of brahmans”, you mean cows 😀

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      • Oh ok. The ones who sold them see it as business. They might have sold sheeps, goats, pigs or any animal if in demand and if they had it in stock.
        It is as simple as that.
        Brahman is not a cow. We never call cow a brahman

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    • lol doubt that all together Athena .. for the Common Wealth games they just shipped them by the truck load up to where I lived in the Himalayas … close enough for the army and the Tibetans to have a plentiful supply of fresh moo cow. They don’t feed them they have no vet attention … they are skinny starving beasts often hit by traffic. They may consider them sacred but they are not treated that way! Guessing it was just a financial deal ..

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      • Oh really?…this is a surprise to far as we all know they are sacred in India how come they are not treated well?…i actually read in an article that when a cow crosses the street the driver has to wait until it completely crossed over the other side before he continues..

        This is sad though..i am not a fan of meat if beef for that matter but i believe they deserve proper care

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        • lol roads in India are chaotic to say the least mind you for the craziness of it all very few animals and people get hit badly … probably coz it’s impossible to speed with their conditions 🙂
          Often expats find ways to feed them but our vets without borders would be overwhelmed if they took on the cows altho they sometimes do … they have more than enough work with the other animals …
          Altho people have been killed for raising a hand to them to move them on but it’s a nation that can’t feed themselves so how can they possibly care for their sacred cows ..
          Would love an Indian to correct me here?

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  2. I didn’t know this went on.
    I want all animals to be treated decently. Even tho’ that people feel they MUST HAVE for food.
    Your ending questions is very ponderful.
    PS…Those horny ones are so beautiful! We live near a ranch with horses, bulls, cows, chickens, etc. And Coop and I have enjoyed walking to their fence and taking some time to observe, and even talk to, the animals. 🙂

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    • I know. Whenever I’m aware of it I think I should become a vegetarian. Often enough I stop eating because the thought makes me nauseous. (I’m not going to become a vegetarian as I eat so few foods as it is, cutting chicken out – couldn’t care cutting out meat – will cut out one of the main foods I actually eat).

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        • That’s one point. There are so many foods I don’t eat most the time ‘just coz’, that I can’t explain. And then there are all the foods that aren’t good for me. And all the foods I don’t like lol. One day I’ll have what to eat 🙂 That I like!

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  3. Interesting post, I was aware of India’s beef export industry, it must be just next to Brazil in worldwide exports. Brahman is surprisingly an American breed of beef cattle imported from India, and therefore has high tolerance for extreme weather, possibly a reason why it is successful in Australia. On the topic of cow-worshipping Hindus, the religion is ancient and has never been rigid as dictated by holy books of modern religions. I guess the exporters extra-worship the cows to atone for their business 🙂

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  4. Reminds me of the Amish here, who do not smoke but will grow tobacco in their fields for profit.
    Kind of a contradiction to me. But one has to feed their family and use what they have.

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