Night Lights

Lights twinkle on the horizon
alerting me to activity
families sharing dinner
then homework telly or devices

Emergency personnel respond
or a chill night at the pub or club
meal at a fancy restaurant
meetings to attend, visits made

Life seems so busy as I sit in the quiet
solitude contemplating, just being
free from duties and activities
not caught up in the dramas of life

Breathing calmly, nothing to blight
we set our own priorities to ignite
some seek insight others hold tight
we focus on the familiar with delight

These coastal towns are thirty k away
a highway hum reminds me of ants
busy on the trail, invisible yet task focused
rushing but oblivious to what passes by …

Most on automatic no deep thought
or goal assessment, fulfilling expectations
of societal mores, labouring mindlessly
at their daily chores. Never considering

the iron net that completely traps them
captive to the ‘norm’, trained to conform
educated to obey, never to convey
independent thinking or creative solutions!

the photo is those twinkling lights 20-30k away …

dVerse OLN with Lillian



  1. A great observational poem Kate, reminded me of my poem,,’ Worms and Ants . I find my open Mic’ night’s to be a fun social event, and a great chance to meet/chat with young poets…..

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  2. I have some photos like that… we took a some harbor boat rides – evening, setting sun and all that.
    Fun how the light gets captured.

    Each ant makes a part of the whole community. Very few diverge. Yet there are some who are able to enjoy life. …May we continue to to so while encouraging others to do the same.

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  3. Your thought process unfolds so well as the poem progresses. I especially like these descriptive words: “highway hum reminds me of ants, busy on the trail, invisible yet task focused.”

    I do enjoy sitting outside, looking at lights in the dark be they stars or lights from far away or office lights left on in highrises across our city streets. They also make for reflection…in terms of restful thinking…even though, in the case of the city, they may actually mean some of those ants working away into the night!

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  4. I like the progression in this poem, Kate, from lights twinkling on the horizon to thinking about what they are, to meditating on distance and difference. I also like the varied rhyme scheme and the images of ‘ants / busy on the trail, invisible yet task focused’ and the ‘iron net that completely traps them’.

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  5. Beautiful poem and photo, Kate!
    Life doesn’t stop when the sun does to bed. I love a quiet night to take a walk and commune with the moon and stars and occasional hooting-owl….to to think and meditate. To focus and to find a centering. 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    • highway hum would be less than a kilometre, can’t see it but they are constantly driving along .. had a heap of birds carrying on this afternoon, love to hear their chatter 🙂
      then crickets, bilbies, wallabies, bandicoots and possums and none of them make much noise Hammad 🙂

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  6. That says it all Kate, and I agree! I am thankful to not be part of it either. I feel blessed to be able to see ‘what passes by’ and to enjoy it before it’s lost. Probably one of my favourite pieces of yours! Enjoy today! Xx

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    • Thanks Norah … we often claim we don’t have time for this or that but I sincerely believe we can make the time if it’s important to us 🙂
      How many hours do people waste on bad tv …

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