Shared Times

Best friend and I traditionally have a barbecue each time we meet. We prefer a wood fire and have some ‘secret’ picnic spots in suburban Sydney, easier where I live in a scenic rural setting.

Vegetarian fare on Turkish bread with tea then a nice long walk. It’s the company and conversation that is the real gift.

Close friendship nurtured

on our many scenic picnics

know each other well

Gina hosts a picnic haibun at dVerse


  1. i like the simplicity of this friendship, its strength is in the connection. and yes conversation, something i miss sorely some days. you are such a good friend Kate,.

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  2. Beautiful! Sounds like a shared time that is good for the body, heart, soul, and mind!!! 🙂
    We all need these friends and these times! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…What is that cockatoo eating?! Beautiful birdie! :-0

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  3. That was one of the most touching Haibun’s on picnics I read: full of flavor of the event and more so of the flavor of deep friendship — well done. BTW — when I comment on your blog you click my name and keep goinng to my philosophy blog, not my poetry blog. Click here is my Picnic Haibun, if you are interested. I do like your visits to Triangulations too, though. Smile.

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