Elections put us in limbo

while politicians promise this and that

anything to sway our vote

yet no intention to deliver!


Masters of manipulation

they play the media game

bagging each other out

like petulant five year olds


Yet most will cast a traditional

party vote, sheeple prefer to

remain remote than consider

the impact on our future …


dVerse, M less than 100 words on limbo


  1. Sounds as if your elections are a lot like ours, where the politicians all promise to deliver whatever we want (immediately) in order to get elected. Once they are elected, they promptly break almost all their promises and blame the other party for their actions. And their followers always believe them. It’s sad……

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  2. I am reading your poem and I think that a similar situation is in many countries. Extreme, nationalistic, and very mediocre politicians come to the fore.

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  3. Perhaps what makes this worse is the Robotic Political calls from both side with supposed one question surveys that might lead to requesting a contribution to their cause if you agree with them… But then I never answer calls that I can’t identify. And I will never give out my information to any organization over the phone.

    If any of the politicians had to live like the common person, I truly believe they would act differently. What also annoys me is the uneven playing field of campaign funds. If each candidate had the same amount of money to spend with limited advertisement (air; TV, radio or any other form of media) then perhaps there would be less back stabbing.

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    • we only had robotic calls once, that party won campaigning that they would ban such calls?!?
      Texting is now their preferred method and that’s the same party … like your idea of a cap on campaign funds to level the field a bit more!

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  4. Wow – that feeling is everywhere, it seems. I vote in the Canadian federal election this year and the US federal election next. In both cases I’m hoping we don’t go further to the already-too-far-right.

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  5. I read something recently that described our current political campaign as ‘an argument between an angry man in a baseball cap and someone who learned his debating skills in a funeral parlour’. That sums it up fairly well, I think.

    I think that I might plan to be out of the country on the big day.

    I doubt that, whatever the result, I’ll find the my homeland much different upon my return – a notion that I find equally depressing and comforting.

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  6. not so calm Kate when it comes to the lying sacks of…. politicians who befoul our planet.

    I’m only a few poems into responses to my prompt, and am gratified for the depth and power of this, and the others I’ve read.

    Thanks for adding your voice


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    • I think they’re symbols to strive towards… well equal opportunity is. Democracy is a in principle a good idea but doesn’t work. The thing is we’ve not thought of anything better yet.

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  7. Hopefully the end results are good and will not put us into another 4 years of limbo land. But yes, the harsh reality of everyone towing the party line, and not really sticking out for our future.

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  8. Kate, that is the nail, and directly on the head! Great write… Professional politicians, car salesman, and “big money” preachers. We have enabled them, so where does the blame really fall?

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    • exactly my question Rob, we often direct the blame at them but it’s those who get so easily sucked in by their lies … few of them have any charm or looks so no idea what the blind devotion is all about!


  9. Great poem and photo pairing, Kate! 🙂
    Such truth! I think we are all feeling this way in the world today. 😦
    PS…I’d rather play the Limbo game we played as kids, than deal with the political games.

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