We met at the Calvary hospice where I worked then again at the university where we were studying. Each Thursday I would discuss their ethical subject of that morning from a non-Catholic female viewpoint while they provided me with a vegetarian lunch on the lawn

Contraception, abortion, couple relationships and many more topics were discussed at length. Their lecturer in theology studies was another priest and what would he know about such topics?

The year was ending and we all about to graduate so they invited me for the most romantic picnic. Two RC priests and a couple of women.

They had meat and drink

while I basked and feasted well

on companionship

Gina hosts a picnic haibun at dVerse



  1. companionship, we long for it and treasure the moments when we connect with beautiful humans. your haiku has so much warmth, i love your haibun, it tells a story, one that captivates my heart, we don;t always have to agree or disagree, just talking and knowing what others think is so important for personal growth, you wrote this beautifully, broke all traditional notions of a picnic, this one really stands out for originality

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  2. I spent a bit of time at university once (or twice). I majored (the first time, anyway) in philosophy and religious studies, and I have always struggled to come to terms with the fact that pious individuals can be so inspiringly beautiful and be so totally misguided at the same time.

    Many of them can be very dangerous too, of course.

    Now that I am saying it, mind you, I realise that there is something a little bit beautiful about being unswervingly wrong. Something inspirational, in other words, about faith itself.

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