love to be outdoors

nature has few flaws

she’s ace

always keen for more

sea and sky galore

our place

no matter how poor

life holds much in store


Lai Nouveau

nature gives delight

sets our heart alight

so dear

nurtures and ignites

brings awesome insight

so near

stars shimmer at night

wind buffers our kite

why worry and fight

give your soul respite


know all will be right

she does hear our plight


sets our heart alight

nature gives delight

dVerse, Lai style hosted by Grace


  1. Heaven, water, and greenery are needed for life. Among the nature, we feel better, happier, apparently we are more beautiful then. True, because inner joy is reflected on the face.

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  2. To new – each day. I so wish I could gift you with rain. More dribbling from our sky this morning.
    A peaceful morning pastel green with the squirrels and a red wing blackbird feeding…

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  3. Your nature theme resonates with me. Delightful and filled with gratitude specially with Lai Nouveau. I love how it flows seamlessly. Thanks for participating in our poetry form challenge at dVerse.

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    • thanks for offering them Grace, I totally enjoy trying the various styles … altho with Les Murray’s death today and I may revert to the prefered Aussie genre πŸ™‚


  4. I love this!
    Nature is one of the things that being peace and stillness. Just sitting in greenery, or at the beach, or mountains and lakes. One day I’d love to own or live on a ranch (more like live in the vast expanse)

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