Emily was totally exhausted after another sleepless night.

All that worry and anxiety caused her so much fright

The abuse had been hideous, nobody had the right

to violate a child who always felt as if no end were in sight


Her experience had left her with nightmares pale and white

Victimhood wrapped tightly around her with all her might

Family and friends tending to avoid her odious plight

could she now become victor by wise choices in spite!


Experiences shape us but our attitude and choices define us

Forgiveness can heal although we never forget such blight …


Carrot Ranch Challenge, April 25, 2019, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that includes exhaustion. Who is exhausted and why? Can you make art of exhaustion? Go where the prompt leads!


  1. I was trying to explain to a friend the other day that forgiveness isn’t going to make what the other person did but letting go of the hold it has on you

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  2. I appreciate how your poem confronts the silence and offers a choice beyond victimhood. To be the victor, the blight has to be acknowledged and that can be hard, but after that, it can become empowering.

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  3. All truth. A powerful, important write, Kate! Thank you!
    I can relate to what you’ve shared…relate VERY well.
    I’ve always chosen/ taken this “road”…not let my past, and that pain, define me or determine my future. Not let my past and it’s pain use me…I use it to share understanding, help, and love with others who are suffering.

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  4. Too often it is in spite of what others deem appropriate; like demanding silents or not even believing. So an individual has to make the choice to move forward with those who offer support.
    As you say forgiveness of any betrayal is possible, but one cannot forget, because all that happens to us makes us who we are as we process and proceed. The ‘in spite’ part rings harmoniously when there is a positive turn in our lives and living.

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  5. Forgiveness can heal although we never forget such blight … i like that you said it kate..over the years we were told that to forgive s also to forget…
    But in all honesty its really difficult to forget even though yes, we have forgiven…

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