Team Solutions

Many get absorbed in the magic of the Potter series
I’d sure love a game of quiditch myself
But myths and morals abound based on daily life
Orphaned Harry had to endure cruel relatives
but his friends loyalty and support got him through
many hardships and challenges, most around school

Rowling knew young people and gave her imagination
full reign, the magic was one strand but the characters
were subjected to bullying and abuse. When the rules
became ridiculous they took a team approach to source
skilful solutions, that’s what matters most …
Such an attitude might really improve our world?

dVerse – Amol’s prompt on myths and legends


  1. So true Kate..
    As said JK Rowling knew our minds back then.. It was a mere experience and a unique series we all witnessed. Potter series will be one of the best we would remember for years..

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  2. It would, for sure, Kate!
    Oh, JK would love your poem!
    I always hope when people (especially kids) read an amazing book like the Harry Potter books they will be entertained…but it will go w-a-y beyond that and they will learn positive life lessons and life-helps from the characters. 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  3. I always say this..but will say it again Kate, you have the gift of creating a seemingly common/day to day theme into a great piece of poetry which makes the theme such as “teamwork ” here more interesting to dig deeper into…and oh JK Rowling, she is the best…i say her Harry Potter series fits all ages not only for the kids and young adults…

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    • agree it’s not innate Violet but when we consciously work to build on something everything improves .. and we must always do our personal best, only fair 🙂


  4. We have more ‘teams’ in life than we imagine – I am thankful for most of the ‘team’ players that help provide care for my Mom in a retirement community to far for me to visit regularly. When team players work smoothly it really is a matter of everyone winning. 🙂

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