Passion, Peace and Purpose


“Everyone aims for the top of the mountain
yet all our joy and growth occurs during the climb …”


flying over the Himalayas  12/2017

What really excites you, ignites your passion, calls to you above all those other daily distractions?

Passion ignites our creativity in whatever form it takes and if genuinely pursued it can greatly empower and enhance our lives. It can take many forms such as blogging, career, craft, gardening, hobby, meditation, music, photography, service group, spirituality, travel, trekking, writing …


Channon Markets NSW 40th birthday

Harmful or unhealthy passions are best abandoned for when given time or energy they drain and create angst for our self and those around us. They disturb our sleep and impact on our health.

Passion and Creativity Increases our Health and Happiness!



“Flowing water cannot reflect.
Only those who know internal peace can share it with others”

ho HUM - 1 (1) Broadwater 3/2019

Peace can only come from within,
when we are at peace with ourselves we become calm and content.

Daily life is crazy busy and includes numerous distractions such as our preoccupation with devices and proclivity to instant entertainment. Yet nature, reflection, time out, serenity arises when our devices are forgotten or off, when we commune near water, watch the clouds scudding by or gaze at the star studded sky. Nature abounds in wondrous beauty, it is readily available and free to those not imprisoned by man or mind.

water lily - 1
Time Out to Absorb Nature and Just BE Eases Tension!


“Faith is seeing light with your heart when all your eyes see is darkness”
Orchid Daughter
byron1 - 1

What gives your life meaning? What inspires you to get out of bed and seize the day …

Most mindlessly drift where societal expectations and life leads without pausing to establish our own goals and purpose. These will make life more meaningful, provide direction and lead to a sense of fulfilment. It could be a worthy cause, more interaction with the family, doing that long await trip. And this requires focus on planning and preparation.


Purpose Brings Fulfilment!


These three lay a solid foundation to counterbalance the harmful nasties in our world – from wars, to abuse and violence, gas-lighting and bullying, politics, device delirium, compulsive consumerism, anxiety and depression plus all the mental afflictions and physical obsessions. Nobody can completely escape these but by reviewing our attitude and shifting focus hope germinates and can blossom into satisfaction and fulfilment.

We all have choices about where we place our energy, so let’s make wise informed decisions to allow the joy to arise blessing us and those we encounter. The nasties don’t vanish but by giving them less energy, self-care blossoms.

13th sunset IV

PATIENCE is another highly desirable quality
… we need it for ourselves and for each other!


As this is the longest post I’ve published and so different I would greatly appreciate your feedback … too long, enough or more, please be honest?


  1. Kate, the beautiful photos and variety of short insightful topics really kept my attention. A nice change from your usual style but my preference and one of the reasons I frequently visit is your ability to say something very meaningful in a concise post. Marie Xx

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    • thanks for that very positive feedback Marie, I really don’t have the time to do longer posts very often but if others like it I might try one a month … believe me I prefer my usual format, short n sharp 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is an excellent post Kate.
    The choice of quotes and your views are just perfect.
    One needs to stop from time to time and think about the 3 P’s + 1 you mentioned.
    All images are nice but I love ” Broadwater 3/2019″ , a perfect location to rest.


  3. This is a very instructive post. Forces you to reflection. In this busy life, the most important thing is to slow down, see the beauty of nature, enjoy the moment. No honors, riches, positions are so happy, like the landscape captured by you in the pictures. Your photographs are beautiful and they delight your eyes. >3

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  4. Beautifully penned… I think it is fine in length, but this could also have been in two or three parts to last as many days. Just a thought. I believe you write the way you need to with what words you are given to write. Then, let it flow from there. :-)))

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  5. Kate, the Passion shown by you to write this incredible set of inspiring and motivational thoughts has certainly fulfilled the very Purpose you had set in your mind 🙂
    Stay Peaceful like this!

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  6. I really enjoyed this presentation. I believe the key is in the short word counts used to bring the points into personal perspective. The post looks long, but the read is effortless. Thank you for all the sage advise herein contained, Kate.

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  7. wonderful post Kate, plenty for me to digest and really appreciate how you detailed each thought. we have so much at our disposal, and so easily distracted from our true path and passion by these myriad of choices. to me your words are a call to slow down and hone the skills I have

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  8. Think quality… then length becomes an intangible measurement.
    First if it brought you even half the calm countenance you wrote about then you have succeed.
    To share this with all of us is just a blessing 🙂

    Thank you. ~Hugs, Jules

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    • oh thanks so much Jules for that priceless feedback, am also thinking to link a few relevant poems in … make it a bit of a smorgasboard for referral when people need a lift!

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  9. Twenty years ago back when i was single, i have a different sense of “purpose”… i want a career like any academic achievers in school does….i never thought it would change though, drastically..
    Having four lovely girls shifted my sense of purpose…i learned to slow down..prioritize my family’s needs over mine…and made sure i am alonside my kids as they work harder for their dreams. Its the most fulfilling thing a mother could ever have…and as they are now slowly becoming independent, responsible and grounded young adults, i could proudly say its all worth it ..

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  10. Perfect, Kate. The right length is just what is required for you to express your meaning.
    Love this: “Flowing water cannot reflect.
    Only those who know internal peace can share it with others”!
    Thanks. 🙂

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  11. It was perfect. Your usual style would be to post each part as a new post but it was gorgeous. ,I don’t think there is any right or wrong. I love your pictures!!

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  12. Hey Kate, I was just browsing through and I came through this post.
    All I wanted to do is drop a message saying, it is good. I liked it and it felt positive while reading it through.
    Thanks for making me feel that.✌️

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