History is made

enrolment has maxed

the masses repulsed and outraged

our country sold or given away

parties have lost the plot

arrogant politician’s 

so churlish and self-aggrandising 

voters arise to abolish idiocrasy

a backlash to sink the rot

constructive sanity must be restored!


dVerse, Merril – 44 words to include “rise”


  1. It must!!!
    I hope that for your country and all of the countries in the world.
    I am a VERY optimistic person, but I feel the past few years have been a sinking down instead of a rising up. 😦
    Your poem is powerful!

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  2. We in India are also having elections and all parties want vote so keep on with their selfish shouts none is bothered how the country and its poor people are coping with the intensity of rising prices, water situation and many more. I loved your poem, Kate so apt with the govt.

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  3. October can’t come fast enough here out in Canada.

    Although at times there is hope I think. In the province of Prince Edward Island which goes to the polls today(i think), one of the candidates and his son died tragically in a canoe accident just a few days ago. The other party leaders decided to suspend any more campaigning up until the election out of respect for the fellow. In the riding where he was running, the other candidates went out and took down their election signage so only his would be visible. Another lovely touch of respect.

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          • “The Green’s” have been around for a while and have elected people in most province;s and federally. It will be a huge victory if they get elected in PEI. I think people are tired of the two historic “Liberal” and “Conservative” parties in Canada. They are the two founding ideologies of confederation in 1867.

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            • exactly the same here Glen, we are over the pettiness of the two parties that have the monopoly for far too long. We need a viable option that’s why the disappointment when the democrats, greens, etc self-implode … oh for some ethical independents!

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  4. This is just in time for our midterm elections come May Kate..and for the many times we’ve voted; we’ve been cheated as well. I don’t if my country would even have a clean and honest election…when a candidate wins simply because he wins but not because he paid his way in winning or he cheated during the election itself. Vote buying is rampant in my country…some voters take advantage of this as a means of generating income..but for the very few who understands and sees things clearly, we refuse to receive money from any candidate..

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  5. There is only a cycle of attachment and false hope methinks, as no one can really deliver what the current system allows for/caters for. The current for of economics is a destructive and myopic process that no politician has the stomach to end.

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  6. If everyone was as smart as you, they would vote properly. In my country, too, inadequate people come to power, although we choose ourselves.
    Best wishes

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  7. I’m not allowed to vote. I was declared incompetent. I’ve assigned myself to the Green Party to dodge the firing squad. If I pick a democrat or a republican, I will pay by the other side in some horrific and unusual way with me standing alone. I kid you not. I’ve only liked one politician in my life and that was Putin. He needs to go to school four then visit. THat’s a reference from “The Sparrow.”

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    • wow so they actually stop people from voting, can’t imagine that happening here … even those with full blown dementia vote, with a relatives help 😦


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