Alliteration may bring botheration

Before igniting our muses core

Creates crucial internal debates

Diverse creations do converse

Empowering our emerging verse

Fantasy and fiction weave their way

Grammar manipulated as our hammer

Humour subtly blended to inspire

Integral to light our readers fire

Joy erupts as we toy

Know we weave a magic show

Loitering with intent is meant

More words and verses in our store

No need to plagiarise for any more

Our imaginations hold it all

Poems and prose sprout at our call

Questions stimulate pertinent prompts

Resonate deeply as we contemplate

Savour each sound and syllable

Taste it rolling off our tongue

Utilize every single one

Verily we compose merrily

Wombs birth volumes of tombs

Xpect the unexpected

You may well become infected

Zone out to hear our poems really shout!


abc poem inspired by Punam and Ivor – pic April sunrise from my door