Gender Fluidity

Born a pretty blonde Joel’s mother decided to dress and treat her fourth son as the daughter she so desperately wanted.

Simone had grown into a lanky young man who desperately wanted to be a woman. He had long flowing locks and preferred slinky dresses.

Joel is happily married with three children of his own. He always knew he was a man but was comfortable playing the daughter for his mother.

Hormones meant Simone grew perky firm breasts and shrank his manhood. He decided not to undergo surgery because most men got excited to discover she was a he!

Carrot Ranch Challenge, April 18, 2019, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about gender. It can be fixed or fluid. Explore the topic on your own terms and open your mind to possibilities and understanding. Go where the prompt leads!

These are both true stories, names have been changed to protect the innocent
my photo of the girls getting married


    • well said Katherine … I get upset when parents sincerely feel their children are doing such things just to annoy them when in reality they have no choice … bad enough to be marginalised by society let alone family and friends as well!

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  1. Excellent, Kate!
    One of my wishes for all people is that they can live their lives as their authentic self…and be respected, loved, included, listened to, valued, etc! πŸ™‚
    πŸ‡ 🌷 πŸ₯š πŸ‡ 🌷 πŸ₯š πŸ‡ 🌷 πŸ₯š
    Hippty-Hoppy Easter HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

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  2. It annoys me that there is a big debate on restrooms. Just make more single units that can accommodate anyone (though they might need cleaning more often than just once a day). There are Family rest rooms where either a father or Mother can assist their child or elder. Why can’t there be a rest rooms that just say; Restroom. Even restaurants – instead of having two gender specific units have three or four separate rooms. At least one would have to be compliant for wheelchairs or family. In existing places like sports stadiums divide some of the existing rooms and just add more doors. The same with airports. Some of those larger rest rooms already are sort of divided. Just add some walls. Most public rest rooms do have stalls with doors. Respect works both ways. There could also be other ways to make multi room showers easier for all to use too. It would just take some thinking.

    It might be difficult in schools and other places that have established facilities. But I do think accommodations can be made without pointing out differences or making things difficult for people who are really just being themselves. We are all differently able and should be treated with respect and honor.

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  3. Very elaborative Kate.
    Though the situation is improving sadly we might need some decades to understand this properly.
    People in some places are mature than elsewhere. I don’t think India society will ever be able to accept the norms.

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  4. As long as Joel was comfortable, but when you said his mother decided to dress him as the daughter she wanted, that puts a slant on it. Reminded me of Rainer Maria Rilke, originally Rene Maria, whose mother dressed named him, dressed him and raised him as a girl to replace a lost daughter. That’s not fair. But accepting your child as they are, how they identify themselves, that’s fair.

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  5. I am a mom of four lovely girls…and i have been wanting to have a boy..but never did it occur to me to treat one of my girls as a boy…nevertheless i say Joel’ mom is one lucky mother. Joel understood her needs and that he freely gives it to her..

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  6. Kate, I enjoyed how you wove the two stories, expressing in form, the fluidity expressed in these lives. We can respond better to one another, allowing the interactions that make sense as we evolve. Beautiful wedding photo!

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