Love those Words

Lemons plundered the delicate orchard aroma
As bees buried themselves in the flower trumpets
While the currawongs larked-high scythe-eyed
For any tasty morsel when they would dive-swoop
Sunrise here fire-dwarfed the entire mosaic-sky
Moon peeped around the sunset map-backed
While clouds-groped the vast spacious beauty
All people learnt to layback, respect each other
And commune with their environment wildly
Devices desserted for life’s monumental appetite

dVerse, Laura urged us to “Love the Words” in a Dylan Thomas style!
that is not a spelling error but a play on words


  1. All people learnt to layback, respect each other

    And commune with their environment wildly

    Those lines are beautiful kate…i do hope too that we all learn to live in harmony with not only our environment but with our neighbor or love ones to begin with. The hardest part of life i suppose is when one is not in agreement with the other/s…but as a general rule we cannot always please everybody…on a personal note though i wish we can just at least learn to respect each other.

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    • well said Mich, respecting each other is about allowing the differences … essentially we are one but we think this and that insurmountable, once we let go life will truly flow!

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  2. In your poem there is a lot of good action occurring in nature and I love being a person who is eager to soak it all in! πŸ™‚
    Your word-pics are rich and stir imaginations and emotions! πŸ™‚
    HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

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  3. I was quite taken by the imagery in your well-chosen words, basking in the beauty of the scene; but it’s the power of the last three lines that leaves me breathless with anticipation. Yes, please.

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  4. love the opening line and your use of ‘plunder’ – perfect for the lovely aromas like lemon blossom that insist on being noticed! Thank you for joining in with this prompt – and I especially like your use of this word-compound

    “Moon peeped around the sunset map-backed” –

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    • oh Laura you have no idea how pleasing your words are … I totally enjoyed this prompt and have done a third in similar vein but won’t link it to dVerse as I didn’t use the required word compounds … created my own πŸ™‚


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