word-swooping #d’Verse

Giant eagles were slowly heaven-circling
High above the turbulent ringed-sea

The tide-looped lazily as a drunken-bee
The whale-weed draped along the foreshore

As the grave-groping moon-blown
Became tongue-tired and muffle-toed

While the owl-light became tight-lipped
As the she-bird was soundly tongue-dusted

The cradle-petals were water-spoken
Yet tear-culled and bell-voiced lulled

All into a sense-wind of grass-broken
Yet I was weary-dressed to trace the sublime

dVerse, Laura challenged us to use four of Dylan Thomas’s odd word combinations …
I used more and added some of my own …


  1. the emphasis for the prompt was ‘love the words’ and you certainly have with this poem – I especially enjoyed:
    “owl-light became tight-lipped”

    Thanks for joining in – your poem has the soft touch of Dylan Thomas within it

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  2. Bravely, cleverly, you used more than a dozen of the compound words; using a cascade effect as they spilled over us like chilly mist.

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