Dramatic Scenes – foto fun

Nature’s beauty unfolds in dramatic ways

A glimpse of this or that

An awesome storm rolling in

A peek of sunrise or sunset


Don’t mind watching the odd drama

but as for people who thrive on it

leave me well away, I prefer thoughtful

responses to dramatic dynamics!


Friday Foto Fun – Dramatic


  1. I greatly prefer nature-drama…like a spectacular sky…over human-bean drama. 🙂
    Your photo made me sigh and smile! 🙂
    Your poem is filled with wisdom, that when applied…brings beauty and calm to life.
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…Years and years ago we a had neighbors…a couple…their house up on a hill above our house and they fought all the time. Yet, individually they were such nice people…at least to me. I always wondered if they enjoyed the drama, had just gotten used to it, or what.

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  2. Since I’ve long moved from larger cities… I much prefer the quiet suburbs. I distance myself from the drama of crowds whenever possible. I would much rather see a dinner theater play than have to go to a multi tiered auditorium where the stage is miles away from my seat!

    Sometimes though one cannot so easily escape family drama… hopefully though I’m managing that better too these days 🙂

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