Friday Foto Fun – Dramatic

Please share something that you consider dramatic?

Whether through your lens or your creative writing …

Post a photo or get creative … stir our emotions!

A dramatic weather event,
look at the colour of those clouds 
and it’s raining at Lennox!


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  1. […] After we had left the farm hostel very early that morning, we went on our way to Christchurch. We drove through Lewis Pass, a beautiful yet a bit barren landscape. There were hardly any cars out, which was nice. It was quite overcast that morning and some very interesting clouds had formed. This was a pretty cool combination as the sky looked quite ominous, despite not having any rain. It made the landscape look quite dramatic! […]

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  2. The photogenic drama is always very sober than the drama we watch on social media where people present themselves in purely dramatic manner. So different from the reality.

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  3. Dang that is a dramatic photo! I was house-sitting once when a tornado came very close during the night. Believe me, that was far too dramatic! Luckily, no one was hurt but it was sure scary.

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  4. Your photo reminds me of two things, the first when I was visiting the Grand Canyon in the States – you could see the rain up so high across the gap of the canyon… which rarely made it down to the bottom. And the second when I was at the shore (a beach I think in Maryland)… My hubby and I could see the storm rolling in over the ocean, and we got caught in it! Thankfully it was the summer. But still we were hopping between awnings on the board walk to try and find shelter and not have to go into an air conditioned building to freeze as we were completely soaked. We did end up finding a canopied eating area. Luckily we didn’t get the sniffles. 🙂

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  5. Oh, those clouds love to show off! 😉 😀
    I experienced some drama on Friday…we had dark, raining, rumbling, dramatic clouds! I got rained on big time and I loved it! 🙂
    Life is like the movies in that we experience drama, fantasy, comedy, romance, musicals, action, adventure, ETC! 🙂
    Drama-Free-HUGS!!! 🙂


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