Tears can be a healthy release

Rain cleanses and dampens the dust

Flowing water is gently calming


Anything in moderation heals our inner rust

Extremes bring damage we don’t need

Mental health, floods or even drowning


Go easy on yourself

Best for our complete health

Kind care brings limitless wealth!


dVerse – water with Linda


  1. Rain, tears, flowing water…Love this poem, Kate! These can be so healing, as are you poems! 🙂
    I heard a quote eons ago, something about…”Tears, sweat, sea water…can be the cure for most anything”.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  2. love the connection between rain and tears and the cleansing it provides………….so very true. sometimes a beautiful cry is just what we need to clear our brain and cleanse our soul. this poem is outstanding Kate.


  3. Water, tears are purification. The most important words are not to poison your life with trinkets.
    A fearsome, reflective poem. I wish you all good days and life in joy and happiness.

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