my Ace place!

fate finally delivered a real ace

granted me unconditional grace

ace - 1

my tiny home on wheels, live off grid and it moves with me …

once sunshine was mere lace

and mossies like mace in my face

ace - 1 (1)

this is my view,
only made made structure is that water tank,
on the horizon I can see coastal towns 30 kms away

now I have parkland acres to pace

sunshine and scenic outlook embrace

nowhere to race for this is truly my home base!

ace - 1 (2)

this is behind me,you can see the tracks where a digger and bobcat were chained together
to get my home down that steep slope!

dear friends, yes I relocated yesterday and may take ages to reconnect water, compost loo etc  as the steep slopes are challenging but I can feel the kilos melting off, this is my resting place!

dVerse Quadrille #77 – 44 words to include ‘ace’


    • happy, more like totally besotted with the area but less than 4 hours sun a day in summer … think my solar batteries might be ruined after weeks of being in the negative … need sun to live off grid and I’m only 15 minutes away 🙂

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  1. Acing your position! Wonderful. Now that my hubby and I are near the ‘older aging’ mark we keep getting ads from realtors who want to buy our home. I hope to live here as long as my elder neighbor who is in his mid 90’s.

    The worst ad I got was “We think your home is ugly, but we’ll buy it” – really and I would sell to you why?

    Good luck in your new spot 🙂 Hope your batteries recover or are easily fixed and that all the other connections go smoothly. Cheers, Jules

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