I wandered from a sun-drenched parkland into a shaded vale

temperature drop was dramatic and an eerie feel evaded

then as my eyes adjusted caged nymphs I did spot

hanging from the vast fig tree in gilded bird cages

made of clay but so surreal their plight I did sincerely feel


Is this a sign, an ominous warning to avoid this shady vale

what else might be caged or captured in this very scenic

parkland … what lurks and quirks might emerge if I wait

and watch or should I climb the steep incline and vanish

before I’m also caught … safer to listen to this symbolic sign!


Friday Foto Fun – serious signs


  1. Mysterious and an intriguing poem.

    I do feel that we can get a sense or a presence in the outdoors or in nature that caution might be the best approach in a situation. Animals sensing danger or that something is amiss is a great example.

    The question becomes is do we heed the message or ignore it?

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