Words cascaded freely from her mouth

Dribbled loosely way down south

Little semblance of any real truth


Nobody bothered to check for proof

Shooting off pain and blame was Ruth

Words cascaded liberally from her mouth


She spoke with such authority, stood aloof

But her verbal grenades, holy struth

Stirred up pain for those down south


Allegations battered like rain on a tin roof

She emitted seismic danger, what a goof

With no real semblance of any real truth …


dVerse, Amaya’s prompt is to incorporate the word “cascade”


  1. nice one Kate, it certainly felt like a waterfall of words. hitting the skin and then rolling off in big drops. those words never hold any truth, they hurt and cannot be taken back – good take on the prompt!

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  2. Your combo of photo and poem is SO powerful, Kate! Cascading is front and center in both.
    I’ve met some “Ruths” who slay people with their pouring-words and yet they say, “No offense”…”or I’m just telling the truth”. Usually their attitude matches their words. 😦

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