a villanelle #d’Verse

Abandon all expectations and fear

Distractions can be destructive

Turn inward to find your own seer


Know yourself so that you can steer

Desires and devices are seductive

Abandon any expectations and fear


Be still so you may really hear

Cease all habits that are self-destructive

Be still to find your inner seer


Keep worthy people and habits near

Let errant emotions fade, be inductive

Abandon all expectations and fear


Know that we have the inner gear

Don’t be distracted by the seductive

Turn inward to know your own seer


Make your contemplation deeply sincere

Adopt what is sincerely constructive

Abandon any expectations and fear

Turn inward to connect with your seer


d’Verse: A villanelle has 19 lines – 5 three-line stanzas and a final four line stanza. It has a definite rhyme and repeating structure.


  1. I love this! Have only written one villanelle but I loved making it. I also like your Cheerful Choices. You may like my poems which I just published since the messages are of a similar vein.

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  2. I think this works really well. The message is great, and I think the repetition increases the meditative air. The subtle changes in the repeat lines are very well done.

    Sorry to be so late coming to this. I’ve been away from internet connections for the last 10 days!

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  3. Too often we are distracted by what all everyone else thinks is the best.
    Sadly children are often mislead to not listen to their inner voices.
    May all of us learn to hear that inner seer and directions which are helpful to all.

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  4. I love the repeated line, “abandon all expectations and fear” because those really are the two things that hold us back from living the life we want. Thanks for this one, Kate!

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  5. i love the repetition of advice, drives home the truth we must see from our actions. looking inwards is a painful thing, easier to look outwards and blame others. you write this form very well Kate

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    • wow thanks so much for your generous kind words Gina, they mean a lot … I did enjoy writing it 🙂
      As I said to Carolyn I’m enjoying these challenges coz they make me think … just got to work out how to count those blinking syllables!

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      • i am loving your response to the challenges, I am behind this week as I need to catch up with other writing in real life. but just had to stop and read yours first! villanelle are tricky devils, but you ado it effortlessly! i like the themes you chose, so relevant and current. ah you will get the hang of it, you are doing great

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  6. I am smiling as i read this. I can see you have been consistently joinig dverse and i am so happy that you are trying out different poetry forms.
    This one is beautiful kate..and as always you level up poetry in the sense that yours deal with the forces affecting human emotions….

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      • Thank you for visiting my thought blog, but here is my third Villanelle from my poetry blog.

        Concerning Meditation vs New Age. There are very many meditations techniques and ideology that follows these techniques vary greatly. In other words, one meditation and teachings can vary hugely from others. I am a fan of Vajrayana Buddhist stuff which embraces even negative emotions. I do view all expectations as bad, I do not think their is a “self” to know — we flux and vary. I also don’t believe in an inner seer. But I do think many meditations techniques can be helpful, but many can be very harmful. We must be careful, eh?

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  7. I wondered what a villanelle was. I noticed the rhyme, but especially the repetitive structure before you told me it was required. I was going to tell you how much I enjoyed the repetition and how effective I thought it was. It is, but I thought it before you told me. Well done. 🙂

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