Friday Foto Fun – Sacred

What is sacred to you?

Please share what ignites your spiritual well being,
through your lens or in your own words? 

Post a photo or get creative … add some humour!

This is sacred ground, those tall eucalypts surround a Bora Bora,
a ceremonial site for boys initiation into manhood.
With the foreign settlers graveyard looking over the plains to the hills beyond.


Please complete before next Friday using a pingback to link your post.
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  1. What is sacred? So many definitions. Personally it is in some regard the ability to have personal space that isn’t invaded and trod on by others.

    Just sitting here looking out the window seeing the greens expand with the morning warmth and seeing a nice robin relaxing in the maple. … sacred time watching the morning shadows pass on the ground.

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  2. This is a Beautiful photo, leaves me hushed, respectful. Thanks for the Like at my blog, so I knew to hop over here and have a look. Though I’m interested in the prompt, “sacred”, I’m not sure I can complete it by the deadline–so, assuming I write something and link to you here, there’s no obligation on your part, okay? 🙂 The link acknowledges where the initial idea came for a poem 🙂 Blessings on your day, I’m glad to have visited here.

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  3. What is sacred to me? The light that bathes the apartment at the end of day, writing down my words in a forest or by the sea, my father’s beloved books sitting on my dresser and the bookshelf in the hall…too many to list but some that are dear!

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