Harm or Harmony

Indigenous people lived in harmony with their land

routes and water supplies were subtly marked

insect behaviour a reliable weather predictor


they lived simply with allocated chores

sure sometimes the tribes warred

more often celebrated with song and dance


but life was always a collaborative effort

respect for all inhabitants and their land

a soulful connection for mutual survival


then we came along and stole it all for a song

to rape and abuse, nobody is amused

we take all we can, never listen, don’t understand


climate and environment in imminent dire danger

wasting massive resources to explore other planets

do anything to avoid addressing our current crisis


such arrogant entitlement can only have an ugly end

to direct descendants what message do you send

be peaceful and with our land try to blend


am living off grid to lessen my footprint

what simple daily changes can you make

act now or commit a mortal mistake …


d’Verse, HA – For Tuesday Poetics, I am asking you all to explore geography in your poems. There are different ways of going about it — you can explore and inculcate the various subjects that are a part of the study of geography like meteorology, climatology, ecology, environment, culture, population, development, and human-nature relationship; you can write about your city/state/province/region; you can combine different elements and ideas and map out your own geography of who you are and where you stand, etc. It’s quite open-ended and I hope you all would have a lot of fun writing on this theme.


  1. Achieving supremacy in technological advancement is definitely widening the gap between us and nature, I say. Though we are trying our best not to lose the grip of it, we are still lagging behind.

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  2. I am so thrilled you are joining dverse pub..this is something i want to do but for some reasons i just cant find that so called poetic courage yet..lol.

    And yes..there is so.much truth here…so.mucj and so many has changed over the course of time…and it would be such a beautiful world if we could all go back in time and live and love each other as though we are all part of the creative process of existence..

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    • Why delay joining them, I felt I needed to learn more about the various styles and it’s a very supportive learning environment 🙂

      we need to start with ourselves Mich and lead by example so that others may follow 🙂

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  3. “such arrogant entitlement can only have an ugly end”: This says it all. It takes a certain thought-process to acknowledge and share such truths while exhorting everyone to take action. Well penned!

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  4. i appreciate the route you took with the prompt, to write about the people of the land, this was a great prompt to get us thinking about the place we live in and how we are managing our lives within that space. your lines are raw and full of truth, some harder to accept, that we as humans can do such things to our own kind. you chose the right path Kate, i am not as brave but try to leave as small a footprint as I can in my small way here.

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  5. Yes, ever watchful and encouraging all to pay attention. I note that it is earth hour again on Saturday, I’m ambivalent about it, but I guess it captures attention if nothing else, we need to do as you suggest.

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  6. What a sad tale, rightfully cutting and condeming, for a dark time in history – the scar still remains. We as so called modern humans still have not learned the art of the balance with which the first people lived with the earth, the great reverence for all living things. We are paying the price, and still we do not learn. Powerful piece you have written here calmkate… well done!

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  7. You expressed the past and the present so well.
    We need to control our greed of being master of everything otherwise the coming generations will have to pay for it.

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  8. Such important truth, Kate! I am always saddened that certain people groups (especially one in particular) never get that they have taken over/stolen/interfered/etc., to the point of tragedy. 😦 Sad and horrible. 😦
    PS…I always get freaked out, too, because of how human-beans have infringed upon land that the animals have inhabited forever and then the human-beans kill the animals for being a problem to them. Oh, I guess that is progress and we are all guilty of it in some way. 😦

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    • I have also found similar problem with other blogs. May be there is some compatibility issue. By the way, check the spelling of Occassionalmusings, it has double S.

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