Curious contemplation has been my hum for years

sitting, teaching or leading others from their fears

in wondrous nature, in meaningful caring n sharing


life is but a brief journey so enjoy the ride

let worries and pettiness totally subside

be comfortable in your skin, be relaxed n lived in

ho HUM - 1

one of my many beaches to walk …

the hum is constantly there night and day

work, life, leisure contribute but none pay

ignite my muse to amuse so I can’t stray


discipline and morality, mantras and more

visualisation, watching the breathe galore

more coping skills for the hassles in life

ho HUM - 1 (1)

the river just opposite where I live

to care for my inner health, escape the fray

I use meditation in it’s full array

keeps me healthy happy and balanced


it works for me but find your own hum

for we all march to a different drum

music, gardening, walking, reading …

ho HUM - 1 (2)

the vast spaces of sky, sugar cane and life …

to anxiety and depression strongly say nay

find your own hum for inside it does lay

it sheds clarity on the darkest dismay


d’Verse – What is the poetic hum in your life? What hums in the background of your life that inspires you as you unconsciously listen while you work and live? Is the drone always there or do you have to cultivate the inspiration?

Some points to ponder in your poem:

  • should there be a clear line between your occupation and your creative writing?
  • do you have to make up your mind which one you want to be or can you do both things at once?
  • are you inspired by your “occupation” to write creatively?
  • can the frustration you feel in your “other work” (non-creative writing life) also be an inspiration to write?
  • does your current occupation limit your creative writing?
  • what is the drone that hums in your background that inspires your writing?

This is also my entry for Friday Foto Fun – Entertainment
… this is how I amuse myself!