Friday Foto Fun – entertainment

What do you do for entertainment?

Please share your hobbies, past times, etc either through your lens
or in your own words? 

Post a photo or get creative … add some humour!

from Sydney Botanic Gardens – a walker, boating and an open air cinema
love the first but seldom do the later two!

Please complete before next Friday using a pingback to link your post.
Not sure how to do that then see how to create pingbacks here.


  1. For entertainment, I like walking to unknown places, I am looking at alleys, backyards. My old city has many secrets. I like hanging out with friends. :-), ❤

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  2. What a lovely idea.
    My main form of entertainment is writing such as for the latest prompt for Carrot Ranch.
    But when not writing, I enjoy being with family, reading, listening to music and even watching TV (especially when I’m folding laundry.)
    I also do small handy crafts.
    Continually learning can also be a form of entertainment.

    I’m working on ‘That issue’ on my one blog. So no links at the moment.
    I could send you a photo, as I like taking photos too. But I’m still learning about how to deal with my own photos at WP. And I can’t stick them in comments. So… Maybe another time.

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  3. Hobbies and such are good for us! Love that photo of several fun things to do! 🙂

    I like walking, writing, reading, visiting art/photo galleries and museums, making collages, gardening, listening to music/bands live or just at home on the radio, ETC and ETC! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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