Temptation II

Sister Magdeline and I were so engrossed in planning our escape that we even forgot that we were in the haunted cloister. We were busting out to watch what was being toted as a spectacular meteorite rain that night from the football field.

Our preferred location as it was free of the large trees that surrounded our nunnery.

If our seniors were right we would burn in hell but we didn’t feel such an innocent adventure would be unduly punished by an all loving, all forgiving creator!

Please tell me you agree so we are not consumed by guilt?

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Please click on the link to the first installment “Temptation”


    • In my experience the Catholics have adjusted to an inevitability about, but the protestants have manufactured rule, regulations and laws around it. Although in my view, an aspect of science has become the new fundamentalist guilt – alcohol usage, chemotherapy, dietary contradictions, and many more.

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  1. I agree! Don’t be consumed with guilt! That would be energy wasted…energy (emotional and physical) that you could expend on something important and wonderful.
    Interesting thought…the Bible says God knows our hearts. So if our heart-motives are good (like just going out to view a show HE is putting on in the sky) yhen why do religious people always have to judge our actions and say stuff “like you’re going to hell”. ???
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  2. As I understand the Christian faith, the nuns actions have nothing to do with heaven or hell. By grace are you saved, and that not of yourselves but a gift of God…Eph 2:8-9 But I do think being saved by grace makes one want to accept some accountability for his/her behavior. Going to the football field to see the starry display doesn’t seem very evil. 😀 But maybe the attitude in which they are performing this “rebellious” act might not be too good. For that maybe they need to repent. 😀 😀

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    • oh nice to have your input here Oneta, they are planning an escape because Mother thought star gazing was superfluous to their vocation … and no idea who else might be at the footy field at night 🙂


  3. If they make a good confession is should be ok! Seriously though – there is nothing in the 10 commandments about not being allowed to watch the beauty of the universe. Man’s rules are not God’s rules.

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