I never cease to be amazed at the wonder of nature
Incredible sunsets, new life born every minute,
joeys emerging from mum’s pouch!


I never cease to be awed by the inspiration of kind people
Mother Teresa, Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Dalai Lama!

Version 2

I’m smitten by the power of the written word
Phillip Adams, Ben Pobjie, PG Wodehouse and so many awesome bloggers


I never cease to be astonished by the breadth and depth of our language
but often wonder why our political system is so corrupt!

What fills you with wonder?

DP: Astonish


  1. Kate, I look forward to each day to see what fills my bucket up. It might be something viewed during a nature walk, reading a fantastic book, watching an old classic film, or reading and commenting right here.

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  2. i enjoy looking through your lens Kate, you make the simplest thing pretty and amazing. I am easily pleased, everyday that I am able to get up and be useful is a gift. What fills me with wonder? so many things, but the beauty of the sky often has me thanking God for his enormous blessings

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  3. This is very lovely and a good reminder about what life is really all about. As for me, things ignored or unseen by others like sunrise, sunset, ocean, blue sky, flowers, sounds of early morning, rain, night sky, full moon night, etc.
    The list can go on and on…… 🙂

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  4. Nature is seriously a wonder and its beauty is ever lasting..
    What makes me wonder are the people who love unconditionally and help others inspite of not being rich not looking for any fame or popularity they continue to help and inspire others…. these are rare..

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  5. Excellent, Kate! Yes! The world is wonder-filled and wonderful! And you’ve shared so many things and people we have to be grateful for! 🙂
    So many things fill me with wonder. Just a few are: how nature constantly sets an example. for us, of hope, possibilities, joy, thriving, renewal…how people can change another person’s outlook by a kind word, a simple smile, or a good deed…how love and laughter can bring healing to even the darkest times. 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  6. So many things! Seeing a deer in the wild, a beautiful sunset, a well-written book, and sometimes even just witnessing a simple act of kindness, done discretely, just because. Great post, Kate!

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