Tides wax and wan with the moon
Prawns run and craziness will festoon

Life and emotions also rise and fall
mature balance a must to install

Know that good and bad will befall
rushed reaction or calm response our call

Avoid wallowing in the gloom
let love and light truly bloom!

DP: Tide


  1. Festoon…what a great word!
    I read your poem aloud and it made me smile! 🙂
    YOU are love and light here on WP, Kate!!! 🙂 Every night I sit down and read WP posts. I always read your posts last…as a treat to myself…like having dessert! 🙂 Then my mind is on positivity before I try to go to sleep. 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  2. I read your poem of the tide
    My daughter can you sense my pride?
    Your sense of timing, sense of tune
    Your courage with the word ‘festoon’
    I read your poem twice. Aloud.
    Your mum and I are oh, so proud.

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      • It saddens me so much to think
        I didn’t want a girl in pink
        My first choice? I confess it’s true
        Was for a bouncing boy in blue
        You should have asked me long ago
        And then I would have told you so
        I would, of course, have answered calls
        If only you had had the balls.

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