Terry was a fit tanned redhead
into motorbikes, music and dancing
he played any instrument he could get
but dancing was his first love, a passion

As a family they had done Scottish dancing
and there he made a close mate
their lives fitted like a glove
she rode bikes and moved like an angel

So they expanded their dancing modes
attending any civic centre that had live bands
Jiving became their joint passion as he swung her
over his shoulder then a slide between his legs

Others watched captivated by their prowess
and before long there were invited to parties
to give a demonstration and teach others
Open invites that broadened their friendships

Both were outgoing and friendly chatting
to anyone, thriving on any opportunity
to swing and twirl to wild beats
With so much in common they’d talk for hours

Dreams is a flash fiction about Terry and Louise sailing the world … this is his story


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