So many notables over our lifetime
significant events, memorable quotes
expansive views, tasty treats

Version 2

How another made us feel
special relationships then health
our attitude to these notables

Reflects our inner resilience
how we cope, learn and grow
impacts on those around us

As we support each other through
the good or challenging times
Others kind care impacts greatest!

DP: Notable


  1. Stunning picture. It is so true that there are “notables” far beyond what anyone can digest in a lifetime. Urges me to get with it if I am going to fill my cranium and spirit with all I want before I go to Heaven! 😀 I want a headstart on my heavenly journey. 😀

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  2. […] – Dressed to Kill 42. I, Bugs – Mindflight 43. A Life Retired – Notable silence 44. Life’s Notables – aroused 45. Missing – I am a paradox. 46. “Vaguely bestowed history.” – Expedition Overlanding […]


  3. i love that sky Kate, I am always looking at the beauty and always amazed how it puts on a spectacular show each time. what we do , does impact others, even from a distance, like the butterfly effect, kindness can travel many miles

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  4. It is good to have support. I was just watching a talk show host and the guest made an interesting statement. When you are full of gratitude you can not be anything else; sad, frustrated, angry…
    And if you make gratitude statements before sleeping that will help you wake feeling good. And if you repeat gratitude statements to start your day you will also have a better day.

    While this is latest post at my fiction place is well, fiction – new beginnings are something to be grateful for 🙂

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