Meandering merrily or maybe perilously
Intrigue and distractions abound
Never a rest from it’s constant behest
Demanding, confusing and most deluding
Seldom a break can result in a headache!

Mere speculation or conjecture
Infiltrates our desire for respite
Nuances and anxieties will fight
Dangerous to our very sanity
Serious if we don’t seek calm

Meek and mild as a child if tamed
Ignore it completely, don’t be framed
Need to stay really quiet and focused
Don’t give in, persistent effort will win
Soothing even the most outrageous!


  1. A beautiful piece about the power of our mind…and i really admire you on writing pieces with mostly highly intellectual themes yet the piece would always have a poetic passionate vibe…

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  2. I love this poem and photo! 🙂
    And the photo reminds me of these sayings: “Great minds think alike”…”Birds of a feather flock together”…”Quiet the mind and the soul will speak”…”In order to see the birds it is necessary to become part of the silence”. 🙂
    HUGS and ❤ !!! 🙂

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  3. Finding time to meditate…which can look different for everyone is a wonderful practice to bring us back to s place of calm. It’s so beneficial for our mind, body, and spirit. For me writing, draw and going for long walks in nature can be highly meditative, I also practice short 5-10 minute mediations a few times throughout the day to restore balance and calm as it’s so easy to get swept away by things happening around us and the low vibrations that threaten to pull us down into a pit of despair.

    Powerful and Eli written Kate!😊 ❤️


  4. I like this one, Kate! As someone who sometimes has to work to keep the negative thoughts at bay, I related to it quite well. BTW, something is wrong with my email, so I’m not getting all of the emails that let me know you have a new post. Very annoying!

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