Shame and horror that 49 lives were taken

shot down in their place of worship

by one very sick Australian fanatic


How did he kill so many?

How did he get into two mosques?

He is one very sick man I’m sorry!


News outlets are sharing about him

name and every detail they know

but what of the 49 souls he stole?


We know nothing of their lives

and their loved ones now every

Muslim is living in fear, oh dear


An angry unknown nobody has

cashed in his five minutes of fame

live streamed his chaotic bloody deed


How could anyone watch such horror

maybe those sick psychos who waste

their lives on war games and fake killing …


Yet these were real people in a ‘safe’ place

what will authorities do to ensure no repeats?

My heart bleeds for all those affected


Had a gun license but was obviously crazy

No warning or guards because we were too lazy

watching our own backs, their fates hazy!


Fanatics of any kind are totally blind

to reality of life and the damage done

we all need to embrace diversity


And truly live as ONE!