Although of English pedigree
of colonisation I ardently disagree

The stiff upper lip and cup of tea
farcical ritual that makes me pee

Royalty so wrong as we pay a huge fee
they should all abdicate and set us free!

Australia should be a republic, let us be!
Separation from warmongers a vital key 

Can back all this up with a uni degree
welcome debate of this claim with me

DP:  Pedigree – my photo of Trafalgar Square ages ago!


  1. I live in Trafalgar Square,
    With four lions to guard me.
    Fountains and statues all over the place,
    And The Metropole staring me right in the face!
    I’ll own it’s a trifle draughty,
    But I look at it this way, you see,
    If it’s good enough for Nelson,
    It’s quite good enough for me!

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